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On Fandom and Regrets

So, I just saw the "Breaking News" that J.K. Rowling has said she regrets pairing up Ron and Hermione.

2007!Auds would have been PISSED to hear this.

2014!Auds is a little more evolved on the issue.

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The One-Sentence Paragraph

I've been reading a lot of artciles online lately and finding my attention wanders slightly when there are long paragraphs. These paragraphs can be anywhere from four to fourteen sentences long, bursting with elphantine vocabulary words and intricate arguments. Sometimes they meander aimlessly, taking twists and turns through forests of em dashes -- dark forests -- and valleys of ellipses... which cause my mind to wander. There goes my brain. Is that a monkey peeing into its own mouth? What is the problem with our society that we find this stuff interesting? I wonder if my grandparents sometimes can't even recognize today's America as the country they grew up in. I'm no prude, but I really think that some of the stuff they put on TV is just uncalled for. Like those Real Housewives shows. Women scratching and hair-pulling and flipping tables. That's no way to act on national televison! Yet the audience share is so small now, that I doubt hardly anyone who isn't "plugged in" would even know where to find a show like that. Anyway, I often find myself subconciously clicking through articles or scrolling to the end of the page, waiting for something to capture my attention.

Which is why, I presume, God created the one-sentence paragraph.

In which Doctor Who KICKS ASS

I'm really LOVING the Matt Smith series, like a million times more than I thought I would. The stories seem tighter and less gimmicky, but perhaps that has to do with the picture quailty being all HD and amazing (the creatures/aliens/new planets don't look as hokey). I love Amy Pond and I love new Doctor (sorry, I'm sure I'll go to Doctor Who Hell for this but I got tired of David Tenant after the Martha Jones season and then the he continued to grate on me during the Katherine Tate season, probably because Katherine Tate grates on me too).

Also, i think she would've made an AMAZING Ginny Weasley if she was like 5 years younger. Right? Right?

Also, the whole River Song thing = brilliant. I'm so keyed up after watching "A Good Man Goes to War." I suspected the INSTANT they said the name that that was going to be the outcome but it took me forever to work it out in my brain and I was like "noooooo can't be... but wait..." and is it normal for your inner voice to turn into the Doctor's voice after watching back to back to back to back episodes? ANYWAY I doubt I'll be able to sleep now but I cannot WAIT to see what happens next.

But wait... does that mean... with the whole thing in the desert... ?!?


OK, thank you BBC for completely ruining any chance I had of sleeping this weekend! Gah!

Can I just say.

Can I just say. That tonight's. Episode. Of. Community. Was the best. Episode. I've seen. In a while.

It was so. Good.

I. Loved. It.


LJ 101

CUTS PEOPLE. Cuts. Or spoiler alerts. OR BOTH.

That is all.

Meta101 Challenge!!!

I am spamming the THREE Community Communities I belong to in support of this wonderful fic challenge! :D

As we count down to the season premiere September 22, the mods at Meta101 thought it would be fun to host a fic drive! The deadline for our Rampant Lampshade Hanging Challenge is TOMORROW -- September 8. Even if you just have a little one-shot up your sleeve you'd like to tweak for the challenge, please submit it -- we'd love to read it!

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! This is a truly talented and creative community of Community fans. :D

Traces: Part Seven

Title: Traces (7/7)
Author: sowritesauds 
Fandom: Community
Pairing/Characters: Group, Jeff/Annie
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3000
Summary: The group helps Jeff recover from an accident.
Author's Note: Sorry for the long wait between chapters -- AGAIN -- RL got kinda crazy. I'm not too amazed with this last chapter, but I hope you will all find it's a fitting resolution to the story. Thanks for sticking with it!

Link to Traces: Part Seven at Meta101.

ALSO, REMINDERslashSHAMELESSPLUG: Meta101 is hosting our first-ever fic drive, and the deadline is looming -- September 8. Check out the challenge rules, and don't forget to hang a lampshade on it! Can't wait for the Community Season Three premiere on September 22! :D


I'm a work in progress.

Things I'm working on this week:

Separating NEED from WANT




So... yeah. Wish me luck! :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy, happy birthday to queenb23more !

Shannon, you are by far one of the sweetest, most genuinely kind and decent people I've ever "met."

I hope your birthday was filled with love, happiness, and warmth.

I'm grateful to know you!